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Bad Credit Commercial Business Loans

Believe it or not, it isn’t impossible to secure bad credit commercial business loans. In fact, Simply Quick Business Loans makes it incredibly easy to obtain bad credit commercial business financing. We know your business depends on an infusion of money every so often, and we are here to help.

Why get a loan?

Getting a loan may not always be a fun experience, but there are many reasons small business owners might need to secure financing. These include:

  • Payroll: A number of industries have seasons that are particularly slow. Employees are still necessary even when money isn’t coming in. In this case, it may be necessary to get a loan to pay your employees.
  • Inventory: Bad credit commercial business funding can help purchase inventory during times when money is tight. Without inventory, you can’t make money.
  • Business opportunities: You never know when an amazing business opportunity will cross your path. If a lucrative opportunity should come your way, you don’t want to miss out simply because you don’t have the cash at the time.

About our loans

We offer bad credit commercial business loans. This means that, even if your credit is not high enough to qualify for a traditional bank loan, you can still get the financing you need through our private lending company.

While our interest rates and terms may be a bit higher, we are still held to the same legal standards as banks. This way, you can be sure that your rate or terms won’t change without your knowledge and gouge your bottom line.

The alternative

Some business owners consider cash advances as an alternative form of bad credit commercial business financing. In truth, cash advance companies are not held to the same legal standards as private lenders and banks.

They can charge ridiculous interest rates and terms that will leave you with less money than you began with. Instead, the only smart alternative to bank loans are our bad credit commercial business loans.