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Dallas Business Line of Credit

Establishing a Dallas business line of credit with a bank can be nearly impossible if you are not a multi-million dollar organization. Banks simply don’t want the “risk” of lending to the little guy.

Simply Quick Business Loans is a private lender that offers an alternative to risky Dallas business cash advances. We can get you the financing you need, when you need it, even if your credit is a bit lacking.

Why not use business cash advances in Dallas TX?

The reason cash advance companies are a risky idea is based on their business model. They offer you a lump sum of money in return for a “share of your profits.” They may word it differently, but in essence, you pay them back through a percentage of the credit card sales you receive daily.

Many small businesses believe this is a viable alternative to a loan in which fixed payments are required regardless of sales. Unfortunately, Dallas business cash advances are not considered loans and are therefore not regulated. These companies can charge any interest rate and terms they choose, can offer unclear terms and can include clauses which will negate their agreement should you choose to change something about your business.

The better option

Securing a private Dallas business line of credit is always the better option when the bank turns you down. While our interest rate and terms may be a bit higher than the going rate and terms at the bank, it is regulated under the same laws and your protection is always central to our agreements.

Additionally, our loans are short term so that your debt does not hang around for more than 18 months, though our typical loan schedule is 6 to 12 months. Think you can’t get approved for our business line of credit in Dallas TX? Think again!

We approve 87 percent of those who apply for our Dallas business line of credit opportunities. Send in your application today online, by phone, or by mail.