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Short Term Business Loans with Bad Credit

Believe it or not, securing short term business loans with bad credit isn’t impossible. You won’t even have to pay a ridiculously high interest rate and terms, either. Instead, Simply Quick Business Loans is proud to offer bad credit unsecured business funding to small businesses with fast pay off periods.

What are my options?

When it comes to receiving financing with bad credit, you have very few options. You could:

  • Beg a banker: Sometimes, if you have a long history with a bank, they may allow you to secure financing even if your credit is not in excellent standing. Still, this is a long shot, requires some finesse and a relationship, and is usually only possible with credit scores that are halfway decent.
  • Get a cash advance: These companies may provide unsecured business funding, but they are little better than loan sharks. Their industry is currently unregulated because they disguise their loans as “shares in profits” or other nonsense. Bottom line: they can charge you whatever interest rate they want and they set the terms.
  • Butter up a relative: For those lucky enough to have a rich uncle or a wealthy grandparent, securing short term business loans with bad credit may be possible through a family member. The downside to this option is that indebting yourself to a family member nearly always creates awkward relations and can generate strife.
  • Get a private loan: Our loans may come at slightly higher interest rates and terms than the bank but we require no collateral and still operate under the same regulations. These keep you safe and allow you to receive the funding you need.
  • How long do I have to wait?

    You will know whether we approve your bad credit unsecured business funding in as little as 24 hours. Additionally, if approved, you can receive your short term business loans with bad credit in as little as 48 hours. So, how long you wait really is determined on how soon you apply. It’s all in your hands. Apply online, over the phone, or by mail today.