Houston Bad Credit Business Loans

Are you finding that most Houston bad credit business loans do not fit the needs of your company? For many business owners, this is the case, and they turn to Simply Quick Business Loans for the solution.

Not only do we offer Houston bad credit business financing for the men and women who do not qualify for traditional bank loans, but we offer seven different loan plans, while most other lenders extend just one option.

When you work with Simply Quick, you get access to bad credit business loans in Houston TX that are both easy to apply for and will put the cash in your company’s account right when you need it.

How our plans are different from bank loans

Our Houston bad credit business loans are both similar and different from the traditional loans you would get at a bank. The following is a brief comparison.

  • Banks are very stingy on who they lend to, especially these days. In fact, you may have already applied for a business loan and were turned down. Our bad credit business financing in Houston TX covers the many business owners who have been denied.
  • If you do qualify for a bank loan, you will get to enjoy slightly lower interest rates and terms. At Simply Quick, we incur risk by offering Houston bad credit business financing. Therefore, our interest rates and terms are a little higher.
  • Just like with bank loans, our lending plans are federally regulated. We do not have free reign to do whatever we want like some merchant cash advance companies do.
  • Banks also take a long time to process your application and provide a decision. At Simply Quick, we process applications in a matter of days. If your application is approved, you get the capital you need right away.
  • Many local companies have benefitted from our Houston bad credit business loans. If your business needs a quick surge of cash to keep trucking, contact Simply Quick right away. We can show you how to apply.


    It took me 5 minutes to complete their online application. I was contacted the same day, and approved the next day. They have a slick and automated process, but I also feel now as if I’ve known these guys for years.

    After my long-term bank relationship suddenly dried up, these guys bailed me out of a short-term cash crunch.

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    8117 Preston Road Ste. 300, Dallas, Texas 75225
    Main: 855-853-8637 | Efax: 800-245-9425

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