Weekly Small Business Tip – Losing the Winning Mindset

Mistake #2 that many business owners make is Losing the Mindset that made your business successful ‚ÄìOver 50% of business failures are in the first year. However, the other 50% come to those that survived their first year. Once small businesses become viable and reliable sources of income, owners often become complacent. How often do you analyze your competition to see where you can improve competitively? How often do you re-assess your customer market to see if things have changed or can be enhanced to hold and grow your customer base? Before growth slows or subsides, consider creating or updating a business plan as if you were just starting your business today. Sometimes winning requires taking risks… for example, investing in growth. When banks aren’t lending, this may involved seeking a small business loan in the form of a small cash advance (or large one, depending on needs and risk appetite). In this area, it is too much risk to go with the first, or many, options. Be sure to find a lending source that has multiple programs… for example, 12.99% simple interest, all the way down to bad credit cash advances, and all options in between. That way, the loan for small business will result in the best rates and terms available.

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