Weekly Small Business Tip – Managing Customer Complaints

  1. “You didn’t do what you promised” –  Have you reviewed your advertising & web site lately? Do they contain service promises which no longer apply or have been forgotten? Review and update!
  2. “Your product/service didn’t work” –  When did you last undertake a quality check of your product? Track service standards, and do quality checks on incoming inventory and/or outgoing products.
  3. “You’re never open when I need you” – Standard business hours (9-5, Mon-Fri) may not be what your customers want & need anymore. Ask your customers what their key hours & days are, and consider accommodating.
  4. “It’s a long time before someone answers the phone – Hanging on the phone while it rings is often irritating, and takes your customers out of the buying mood. Consider measuring ring-time and setting goals to improve.
  5. “Whenever I get transferred to another person, I often get cut off” – Is your staff well-trained with your phone system? Does each have a handy department/extension list to avoid a customer hearing “Sorry, wrong department.”?

Managing & Improving these 5 major complaints will not only cut down on the number of complaints (and your time handling them), but also develop deeper customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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