Weekly Tip – Where to apply for a Working Capital Loan

  • There has to be a reason why SimplyQuick Business Loans is outgrowing all the business cash advance competition. We believe it’s because we are the easiest and fastest business bank statement loan source out there‚Ķ along with the fact that we beat our competitors rates and terms nearly 100% of the time.
  • Our 2012 loan totals doubled our 2011 totals.
  • Our 2013 loan totals TRIPLED our 2012 totals.
  • We are not a “merchant cash advance” lending source; we are a business cash advance lending source. Although we are now making collateralized business loans in some states, we specialize in unsecured business loans.
  • Although we offer near bank rate business loans, we fund over half or our bad credit business loan applications.
  • When you need a small business loan, micro loan, or working capital loan, give SimplyQuickBusinessLoans.com 1-2 days to provide you with the largest approval and best terms!
  • We have programs that have near bank rates, as well as bad credit cash advances, and many options in between. We will also provide you (before running credit) with estimates on which programs you qualify for and estimated payments.

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