Weekly Tip – Where to apply for a Working Capital Loan

The same bank statements (used to price these loans) can produce wildly different results as far as approval vs decline, loan amount, maximum loan amount, and loan cost. There are tens of direct lenders, and each one can only examine your loan for their own program. There are hundreds of brokers that may either submit you to the least optimum fit… AND over-submit your application (which damages both your credit and the results of the application). Only submit to a lending source that can guarantee you two things: 1) that your statements will be analyzed before submission (against all potential programs in the market; and 2) that your application will not be over-submitted. These lenders should have programs that have near bank rates, as well as bad credit cash advances, and many options in between. They should also be able to provide you (before running credit) with estimates on which programs you qualify for and estimated payments.

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