What You Need to Qualify for a Business Loan

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At Simply Quick Business Loans, we’re committed to getting funds for your business‚Äîand getting them quick! Learn more about our loan requirements below to find out why we’re able to move so quickly.

What Makes Our Approval Process Different

One of the reason we’re able to quickly approve loans is that we don’t have to wait around for credit score reports. You read that right. We have NO minimum credit score requirements. Unlike other loan services, we don’t believe your business should be judged solely on a credit number. Not only do we work with credit scores as low as 450, we also don’t require any collateral and can get you approved in 48 hours or less!

How to Qualify for a Loan

Without credit score requirements, how do we determine if our applicants qualify for a loan? There are a few requirements that we ask of our clients. You must:

  • Have a business checking bank account
  • Have at least 3 months of financial history
  • Have at least $150,000 in yearly revenue

It really is that easy to get a loan from Simply Quick Business Loans. With these requirements, we’ve been able to approve as many as 80% of loan applicants.

Interested in applying for a loan? Visit our website today to get started!

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